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Enroll with an alternative licensure provider that offers your content program. Your district will inform you about their partner programs and help you apply.


Earn your license while you teach. You’ll earn a full teacher's salary while working toward your license in courses that work with your schedule.

Teach and earn your license at the same time

Amazing educators come from all walks of life. If you have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from a regionally-accredited college or university, you can earn your teaching license through the alternative preparation pathway while you teach—allowing you to get paid while you learn the craft.


You’re no stranger to the classroom and your experience as a substitute teacher or support staff at your local school is invaluable. Take your education career to the next level and become a teacher of your own class!

Career Changer

You’re looking for a total refresh to your career, and want to use the skills and experience you’ve acquired along the way. Teachers showcase impeccable leadership and organizational skills on a daily basis.


You’ve always had a natural ability to break down a topic and teach it to others. Maybe you often find yourself in mentorship roles. Use your natural talents in a fulfilling career where you can perform at your best. 

College Senior

You’re Googling the job market for a stable and rewarding career where you can make a difference with meaningful work.

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